Night Life on the Islands

Some of the best bars in CNMI are open for tourists to grab a martini or beer at reduced prices from as early as 6:00 PM.

Different than Nightlife in Big Cities

Tired of the deafening and all-too-crowded environment of New York City night clubs? The Northern Mariana Islands offers a refreshing change from all that — no bumping into people trying to get to the bathroom and no awkward nods and smiles pretending you heard what the bartender’s saying. The first thing on your list doesn’t have to be knocking a drink either. There are plenty of places for you to savor local delicacies cooked the Chamorro way such as parrotfish, motsiyas, chicken kelaguen, and beef tinaktak before you party the night away.

Saipan & Garapan All Night

The main village of Garapan is lined with outlets, restaurants, and fast-food chains that you’ll recognize from larger cities in America, which are a great place to kill some time while waiting for the live entertainment to kick off.

If you’re just not in the mood for booze, who says you can’t enjoy the main island’s nightlife in a quieter way? While others are getting tipsy, you can just sip a warm cup of joe while listening to the distant live music playing in the background.