Music & Dance

The first known Northern Mariana Islands residents arrived from the Philippines, Indonesia, and the Malay Peninsula around 2,000 BC.

Music and Dance in the Northern Mariana Islands

Music on the Islands can generally be broken down into three categories: local, mainland American, and Asian. Local consists of Chamorro, Carolinian, Micronesian Hawaiian Reggae and Palauan music, often with traditional dance for many occasions. Mainland American consists of much of the same music that can be found on U.S. radio. Asian consists of Japanese, Korean, Thai and Philippine music, among others. There are seven radio stations on Saipan, which play mainly popular and classic English-language songs as well as local and Philippine music.[21]

Men and Women Dance Traditionally

The people have different dances. There is a dance called Bwai which is a Refaluwasch women dance. A certain cases when males dance they wear large leaves around their necks and wear leaves around their heads. There is also one for men. It was originally for warriors but spread to other men after the people came to the Mariana Islands.