Rota also known as the "Friendly Island", is the southernmost island of the United States Commonwealth of the Northern Mariana Islands. Pristine nature, beautiful ocean and nice local people, that’s the only and the best things on Rota.

Enjoy Nature

When you first arrive at the biggest town of the island, Song Song Village, you might start worrying that the island has died out because even the busiest area is so silent and nobody is there. But that is the greatest thing about the island. Forget about civilization or information, and enjoy nature.

The population of the island is only around 1,000 as of 2019, and there are only 4 restaurants on the entire island!

The Diamond Casino on Tinian

Rota has nothing but nature, but once you go there be sure you don’t want to leave anymore. Life on the island is slow, and you can enjoy the luxury of doing nothing. Rota is strongly recommended especially to those who are from big cities without having a peace in mind and need quiet. Rota is the world’s friendliest island and the last true paradise.