The Northern Mariana Islands are rich in festivals, traditions, art, and music — but it doesn’t end there. Come see how welcoming and enchanting the Island’s culture really is.

Festivals and Traditions

Most of the vast array of Northern Mariana Islands holidays and festivals may take place in Saipan, but even the smallest of villages throw their own annual lively fiestas to honor each of their patron saints. The Marianas Cup Beach Volleyball Festival and Mahi Fishing Derby are just two of the exciting sporting events this tropical island hosts during all 12 months of the year. Bright red flame trees blossoms over Saipan during April’s Flame Tree Arts Festival.

People playing music in Saipan.

Music and Dancing in Northern Mariana Islands

The people of Saipan, Chamorros, are well known for their singing and dancing until the sun rises at every party. Music really brings people together there, whether it’s playing a ukelele under a coconut tree at the beach with friends or dancing to cultural songs, Chamorros are really passionate about their local songs.