Events on the Islands

Most of the vast array of Northern Mariana Islands holidays and festivals may take place in Saipan, but even the smallest of villages throw their own annual lively fiestas to honor each of their patron saints.

Flame Tree Arts Festival

The Flame Tree Arts Festival celebrates the rich art and cultural heritage of the Commonwealth and takes place usually in late April during the blossoming of flame tree flowers after which the event was named. The annual festival features a wide selection of artwork from CNMI, Rota, and visiting artists.

Christmas in the Northern Mariana Islands

On the Northern Mariana Islands, Christmas is a month-long celebration beginning on December 1, when a huge Christmas tree with beautiful lights is unveiled along the Paseo de Marianas. Schoolchildren take part in costume and float competitions. Tents are set up for games, food, and entertainment each Saturday leading up to Christmas. A mochitsuki festival dedicated to Japanese rice cakes is also held on December 22.